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Good game for an rpg fix

However, i did notice 2 or 3 things that can be improved. The crystals in the black market need to be increased to like 5 or 10 points per each stat they do instead of just 1 per 10k gold. 2nd the most powerful weapons and armor from the dlc dungeons needs a serious power and def power upgrade. 3rd, the game option when accessing the iap shop to post a review only works on google play app store , not ios app store. I had to search kemco and soul historica on ios app store to be able to write this review. All in all , a good game, but if these issues are fixed and updated, it will be a great game.

Great rpg

I have unlocked both bonus dungeons without any inapp purchases and am enjoying the rpg itself


Anyone know how to get through the maze in the last tower after you beat arioch and the other guy???


Another great old school rpg from kemco

RPG Soul Historica x10 stars

Great game lovely music, very awesome graphics the best. Like the story I didn't finish yet but is very intriguing. Thanks a lot.

Classic JRPG Style, Great Story

The New Game+ feature really helps with speedier subsequent playthroughs. Thoroughly enjoyable, one of Kemco's best, all around.

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